Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers for the 18 inch Doll Kitchen

vintage salt and pepper shakers

Back in the 50’s, when she was a young housewife, my grandmother started a salt and pepper shaker collection.  At one time she had over 100 pairs, ranging from animals, to kitchen appliances, to figurines.  By the time I was born, most of her collection was in storage.  When I was a teenager she allowed me to choose some pieces from her vintage salt and pepper shaker collection for the dollhouse I was building.  (I had a fascination with miniatures even back then!)  I was going through some of them the other day and discovered a toaster salt and pepper shaker set that will be just perfect for the 1940’s 18 inch doll kitchen display I am setting up. This antique toaster salt and pepper shaker is from the 50’s and 60’s.  The toaster itself has the look of a chrome toaster.  The lever actually works and pops up the … Continue reading

Free AG Doll Printables – Make a 1:3 Scale Bag of Hershey Kisses

American Girl doll printable

Yesterday I shared how I made a whole bunch of cute miniature Hershey Kisses from polymer clay.  So now I want to share an AG Doll printable (1:3 scale) and instructions to make a Hershey Kiss wrapper.  I made one up for each of my daughters and can’t wait to surprise them on Valentine’s Day.  They are the perfect size for American Girl Dolls.  As with all of the crafts on this site, kids should be sure to get their parent’s permission before proceeding. You will first need to print the wrappers.  The image includes 4 wrappers and will fit on an 8.5×11 inch page.  I printed mine on photo paper to give it a glossy feel and make it look more like a real Hershey Kiss bag.  Be sure to print the image at the full size and in color.  It is helpful to use the print preview function … Continue reading

Miniature Hershey Kisses AG Doll Food – Polymer Clay Tutorial

miniature Hershey Kisses

After seeing all the great polymer clay AG Doll food available on Etsy, I have been inspired to create some of my own.  I thought a fun doll craft to start with would be some miniature Hershey Kisses.  These don’t take a lot of clay and they are quite easy to make.  A bag full of the polymer clay kisses would make a cute Valentine gift for your daughter and her favorite American Girl doll.  Children will need their parent’s assistance with this doll craft as it involves using the oven. The Hershey Kiss on the left is the candy one. The candy Kiss on the right is the polymer clay one. American Girl Doll scale is 1:3 which means that if the real food is 3 inches in size, the AG Doll food should be 1 inch in size.  The miniature Hershey Kiss is roughly the size and shape … Continue reading

Make a Doll-Sized Baking Sheet for your 18 inch Doll Kitchen

18 inch doll baking sheet

Yesterday I told you about the AG doll sized Valentine cookies I found at Hobby Lobby.  I am in the process of making an 18 inch doll kitchen scene for Emily, so I thought it would be fun to make a doll-sized baking sheet to use with the Valentine cookies.  I had all the supplies on hand so it was free to make! This is a great craft to do with your kids.  As always, children should get their parent’s permission before making this or any other craft listed on this site. Materials needed to make this AG Doll craft: 4 x 5 inch piece of aluminum foil 3 x 4 inch piece of 1/16 inch Balsa or bass wood (you could also use sturdy cardboard) Elmer’s glue Scissors, Exacto Knife (adult use only) Doll-sized cookies – polymer clay, resin, plastic, etc. (optional) Instructions: Cut your wood or cardboard to … Continue reading

Valentine Cookie Ornaments Perfect for Doll Play

american girl doll valentine cookies

I was at Hobby Lobby over the weekend and picked up the cutest pack of Valentine cookie ornaments that are the perfect size for doll play. They come in a pack of 12 and are $3.99. Keep an eye out for sales or 40% off coupons at your local craft store to get them at a discount! Since they are ornaments, you will need to remove the hook and ribbon before giving them to your girls for doll play.  The hook was easily removed by twisting it out with a pair of pliers. We didn’t have any doll plates, so I used a leftover canning lid as an improv plate.  They are a good size for your dolls. American Girl dolls Julie and Lauren are enjoying their yummy cookies!  If you have any other great finds for doll play that are related to Valentine’s Day, be sure to leave a … Continue reading

Thrift Store Find – Doll Sized Flower Vase

American Girl Doll Emily

Thrift stores are a wonderful place to hunt for doll-sized accessories.  Last night I went to my local goodwill looking for something that could be used as a kitchen hutch.  Instead I found this cute little vase for just 59 cents.  Filled with some miniature roses from my craft stash and adorned with a ribbon, it will be for my kitchen display.  I am hoping to get a table and some chairs soon! Thrift stores can be a great place for both kids and adult collectors alike to find inexpensive additions for their collections.  Be sure to check out both the toys and household goods sections.  You might be amazed what you can find!

Our New Dolls from the American Girl Store at the Mall of America

American Girl Store at Mall of America

While visiting my in-laws last week, we were able to take a day to visit the Mall of America. The girls and I headed off to the American Girl Store, while my husband and son went to the Lego Store. Unfortunately we were a couple of days early and missed McKenna’s debut. We quite enjoyed looking at all the historical displays, although I didn’t think to take any pictures. We ended up bringing home 3 new dolls. I was also able to sneak off later and purchase some smaller things for the girls’ Easter baskets. They are going to be so surprised! Prior to the trip Miss A had her heart set on Molly, and Miss S was going to get Marie Grace. Ultimately they went with #13 and #53 though and named them Ashley and Lauren. So Miss A’s doll collection now includes Kaya, Kit, and Ashley. Miss S … Continue reading

Discounted Christmas Ornaments for Doll Play

American Girl Doll Emily

Now is the time of year to keep watch for discounted Christmas ornaments that can be used in doll play.  I recently found this cute coffee carafe ornament at Cracker Barrel for 70% off.  It was a little over $1 after the discount.  It is the perfect size for the dolls. Now my daughters just need some doll-sized dishes and polymer clay cookies to go with it!