Make your AG Doll an Easter Basket

18 inch doll Easter basket

About this time last year, my daughters informed me that their AG dolls needed an Easter basket.  So I set to work designing one from plastic canvas.  Since Easter is fast approaching, I thought I would share it here. The 18 inch doll Easter Basket works up really quick and doesn’t require much plastic canvas or yarn.  It is an easy enough pattern that young girls can make it by themselves with a little guidance.  I have found that plastic canvas projects are wonderful for teaching young girls sewing basics.  This pattern features the Roman stitch, which is just a combination of horizontal and vertical straight stitches. The effect looks a bit like a woven basket. Supplies needed to make your own 18 Inch Doll Easter Basket 1 sheet 7 ct. plastic canvas 3 inch plastic canvas circle Pale pink worsted weight yarn Plastic canvas needle Scissors Small amount of … Continue reading

15 Minute Doll Headband Tutorial

doll headband

I make a lot of clothes for my daughters’ dolls.  If I have enough fabric left over, I like to also make matching hair accessories.  With just a small piece of fabric and 15 minutes, you can have a cute matching American Girl doll headband. First cut a piece of fabric 3″ x 10″.  I like to use a disappearing ink pen to mark the fabric to make sure it is uniform in size. Turn in 1/2 inch on the short edges and press.  Optionally baste to hold in place. Pin right sides together and stitch down long side.  Press seam open. Turn right side out.  (A large safety pin is helpful for this task.) Press with seam running down the middle of the doll headband. Cut a 4″ piece of 1/2″ elastic.  (All I had on hand was 1/4″ elastic and that works too!) Insert elastic into one end … Continue reading

Fun Doll Finds – Mountain Dew and Hershey Syrup Lip Balms

mountain dew lip balm

Whenever I go to the store, I am always on the lookout for items that my daughters can use for American Girl doll play.  Over the weekend I found two great novelty lip balms that are the perfect size for AG dolls. At Walmart, in the cosmetics department, I discovered this adorable Hershey’s Syrup Lip Balm. It was $1.99. As a bonus, the lip balm smells amazing!  So I will definitely be using it all before letting my daughters have the container for their doll play. At Target, in their Dollar section, I discovered this cute little Mountain Dew Lip Balm. I don’t care much for the scent on this one. However for $1, it was too cute to pass up! Your Target may have other soda lip balm varieties, so be sure to look through the bins. One note about the Mountain Dew lip balm is that the cap … Continue reading

Rebecca’s Trip to the American Girl Doll Hospital

american girl doll hospital

Poor Rebecca has been dealing with a misaligned eye for some time now.  It has really been bothering Miss S lately, so we decided to send Rebecca off to the American Girl Doll Hospital for an eye replacement.  Imagine our surprise when we received her back today – a mere 6 days later. Rebecca arrived back in a cute hospital gown, wearing little socks with a heart on them, and had a pink hairbow in her hair. She also came with a get well card and a certificate of good health. Miss S is ecstatic to have Rebecca back and immediately ran off with her to play hospital.  Rebecca was Miss S’s first AG doll and remains her favorite. It was well worth the money to get Rebecca repaired, especially since I have read about what a pain it is to replace American Girl doll eyes.

Valentine Cookies – 18 inch Doll Food

Polymer Clay Valentine Cookies

My youngest daughter and I sat down over the weekend and made some cute Valentine cookies for her American Girl dolls.  My medium of choice for 18 inch doll food is polymer clay.  It is easy to shape and is quite sturdy after you bake it, holding up well to play.  I thought I would share some ideas for making  some Valentine doll cookies of your own. Materials I used: Pasta machine Polymer clay extruder 1 inch heart shaped cookie cutter Polymer clay in tan, pink, and red Liquid sculpey Glass seed beads Cutting board, knife, and baking sheet Disclaimer:  Kids should ask for their parent’s help/permission before making this craft.  When using polymer clay, remember that you should use dedicated utensils.  Nothing you use for polymer clay should ever be used again for food. I used tan clay to make my cookies.  I found it easiest to use a … Continue reading

Coconut Cupids 2012 – Valentine’s Swap

coconut cupids 2012

My daughters and I were thrilled to be able to participate in this year’s Coconut Cupids Valentine Swap over at AG Playthings.  We had so much fun making the fortune cookies and Hershey’s Kisses for the swap.  Today we received our package of goodies and had a blast going through it all. We received so many goodies for our AG Kitchen.  Lots of Valentine cookies and treats! Lauren looks adorable in her new apron and headband. Here’s a closer pic. I had a blast assembling the little carton of milk printable. Isn’t the little cup of pink lemonade adorable? Loved the little box of conversation hearts!  Emily is wearing some of the doll jewelry we received. Julie and Ashley anxiously check the mailbox for Valentines. Here is Julie with all the polymer clay and eraser cookies. She is also modeling some of the pretty jewelry we received. Ashley is showing … Continue reading

Cute Polymer Clay Fortune Cookies ~ AG Doll Food

miniature fortune cookies

I have plans this Valentine’s Day to bake some fortune cookies for my kids and fill them with slips of paper containing little jokes and witty sayings.  I am even thinking about using a little bit of red food coloring to make them pink!  Which got my mind wandering about making some doll-sized ones.  My medium of choice for AG doll food is polymer clay.  The nice thing about making polymer clay fortune cookies is that they aren’t hot when you are shaping them, unlike real fortune cookies! Materials needed to make polymer clay fortune cookies: a block of tan polymer clay (I got about 25 cookies out of a block of clay but it depends on how thick you roll it.) 1.25 to 1.5 inch circle fondant cookie cutter (Wilton makes a 3 pack – you want the middle size.  It makes perfectly scaled cookies for AG dolls.) chopstick … Continue reading