Happy Dolloween!

doll halloween

Just in case you missed any of our doll Halloween posts, here is what we have been up to this October. Halloween Doll Tights Doll Halloween Costume from Build a Bear Halloween Spiderweb Cookies Halloween Lollipops Halloween Cake Pops for Dolls AG Doll Halloween (roundup of doll Halloween crafts and ideas we have found all over the internet) Happy Halloween everyone!  If you are going out trick-or-treating tonight, stay safe! If you have any pictures of your 18 inch dolls in their Halloween costumes, feel free to send them to {jen at AGDollCrafts dot com}.  I would be happy to share them here!

Halloween Cake Pops – AG Doll Food

halloween ag doll food

Have you caught the cake pop bug? They are just adorable and so much fun to make. What are cake pops you ask? They are balls made of crumbled cake and icing that are dipped in melted white chocolate and stuck on a stick. So yummy! Don’t you know everything is better in miniature and served on a stick  So today’s AG doll food craft is some cute Halloween Monster Cake pops, that are way more cute than spooky. My inspiration for this AG doll craft was a Wilton idea sheet. I think I found it in with their Halloween baking supplies at Jo-Ann’s. Those free idea sheets that you can find in stores are often great inspiration for doll crafts. Materials Needed for this AG doll food craft: Polymer Clay in White, Black, and assorted other colors Toothpicks Scissors Clear Nail Polish or Glaze for polymer clay You want … Continue reading

Doll Giveaways for the Week of October 29, 2012

doll giveaways

Blog giveaways and sweepstakes can be a great way to add to your doll collection!  Each week we share with you some of the great doll giveaways we have found. This week’s new doll giveaways: Enter to win a 2 night trip to American Girl in NYC plus a My AG Doll and more @ Affinia Hotels Facebook Page (10/31/12, US 18+) Enter to win a trip for four to Washington, D.C.; an extra-special day at the American Girl store; a Caroline doll, books, and accessories set; plus a VIP tour of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History to learn more about life in Caroline’s day @ American Girl (10/31/12, US only must be a parent of a girl between the ages of 8 and 13).  Note:  you have to submit a video clip (up to 60 seconds) about a time you felt like an everyday hero. Enter to win a … Continue reading

Halloween Doll Tights From Knee Socks


I have been on the lookout lately for striped knee socks so I could make a pair of doll tights to go with Emily’s Witch Doll Halloween costume.  I finally found a pair at JoAnn’s and they were 60% off!  I love finding a good sale! My inspiration for this craft was a post over at Peachy Tuesday by J Hartman that I had pinned a long time ago.  1 pair of adult knee socks makes 2 pair of doll tights.  Since you use the elastic that is already in the socks, these doll tights work up fast! I pretty much followed Peachy Tuesday’s tutorial as is, but I did have a couple of tips that I wanted to share. First cut the heel of the sock off.  Cut straight across, leaving a long tube.  Turn the sock inside out.  Measure 3 inches from the top of the sock and mark … Continue reading

Make Your Own Doll Plates From Canning Lids

AG Doll Plates

I use a lot of mason jars in my kitchen for freezing soups and broths.  Since I cap them with reusable plastic lids, I have an abundance of the metal canning lids and rings that came with the jars.  As I recently discovered, the lids are the perfect size for AG doll plates. I spray painted several of them black for use on the doll Halloween table.  By changing the color of paint, you can easily have a wide variety of colors of doll plates available. Materials Needed: Canning Lids (for the pint mason jars) Spray paint that will adhere to metal (I used Krylon) Kids – let an adult mess with the spray paint! I recommend painting your lids outside.  The paint is smelly!  I cut open an old cardboard box and used that to protect my deck from the paint.  One coat provided even coverage for me. Let … Continue reading

Doll Giveaways for the Week of October 22, 2012

doll giveaways

Blog giveaways and sweepstakes can be a great way to add to your doll collection!  Each week we share with you some of the great doll giveaways we have found. This week’s new doll giveaways: Enter to win an 18 inch Doll Carrier or a Pattern to make on of your own @ The Train to Crazy (10/23/12, US only) Enter to win American Girl Doll Purple Polka Dot Bedazzled Twirly Dress from A Ray of Stitches @ Loving Your American Girl Doll (10/25/12) Enter to win a Wooden Antique Reproduction Drop-Leaf Tea Cart for 18″ dolls from The Queen’s Treasures @ Doll Diaries (10/28/12, US 13+) Enter to win a $50 Australian Girl Doll Gift Certificate @ Hip Little One (11/13/12, Australia only)  ********** Are you running a blog giveaway for an 18 inch doll, clothes, or accessories?  Send an email to jen (at) agdollcrafts (dot) com with all the details … Continue reading

Halloween Spiderweb Cookies – AG Doll Food Tutorial


As much as I love crafting AG doll food from polymer clay, sometimes my daughters want a doll craft that is a little bit simpler.  So we came up with these cute spiderweb cookies made from craft foam.  I make iced spiderweb cookies every Halloween for my kids, so I thought it would be fun to craft some for their American Girl dolls too. Materials needed for this AG doll food tutorial: Tan Craft Foam  (This is a great project to use up scraps) Pen Bottle Cap or something else approx. 3/4 inch in size to trace the cookie shape Scissors White Acrylic Paint Paintbrush Fine Tip Sharpie Pen Kids – be sure to ask your parent’s permission before starting this AG doll food craft! Start by tracing circles on your craft foam, using the bottle cap. You can space these pretty close together. Don’t ask me what that piece … Continue reading

Halloween Lollipops – AG Doll Food Tutorial

Halloween Lollipops AG Doll Food Tutorial

At the request of my daughters, I have been busy making Halloween themed AG Doll food. They want to have a Halloween party for their dolls I started with some American Girl sized lollipops in Halloween colors. They certainly aren’t perfect, but we had a lot of fun making them! Materials needed to make the AG Doll Halloween Lollipops Polymer Clay in white, black, orange, and yellow Wooden BBQ skewers Clear Nail Polish As always, kids be sure to get your parent’s permission before making this craft. It involves use of the oven and a knife. Start with a nickel-sized ball of white and roll it into a log about 1/2 inch thick. Using about half the amount that you did for the white, roll 1/8 inch ropes of yellow, orange, and black. You don’t have to measure it, you can just eyeball it.  I use a cheap silicone baking … Continue reading

Doll Giveaways for the Week of October 15, 2012

doll giveaways

Blog giveaways and sweepstakes can be a great way to add to your doll collection!  Each week we share with you some of the great doll giveaways we have found. This week’s new doll giveaways: Enter to win a set of Halloween Decorated Sugar Cookies for dolls from Etsy Shop Pippaloo @ Karen Mom of Three’s Crafts (10/20/12) Enter to win an 18 inch Doll Snow White Costume @ Doll Diaries (10/20/12, 13+) Enter to win a $15 American Girl Store Gift Card, a Minnie Mouse Doll Outfit, or a Fun Fall Doll Outfit @ American Girl Fan (10/21/12, US and Canada).  This one is a bit different.  You need to send in a photo of your doll in a Halloween costume and readers will vote on their favorites.  The top three will win! Enter to win a LilFliprz Gymnastics Doll Leotard of choice (up to $25.00) @ Doll Diaries (10/21/12, … Continue reading

Halloween AG Doll Printables

Halloween AG Doll Printables

I love browsing the American Girl Doll selection of handcrafted items on Etsy. I find so many great ideas on there. I recently discovered the eVintage Patterns Etsy shop and purchased her Halloween AG Doll Printables Pack. It is chock-full of wonderful treats for your American Girl dolls. {image source: eVintage Patterns, used with permission} The Halloween AG Doll Printables Pack is 35 pages long and is in full color.  It includes vintage Halloween Magazines, Coloring Books, a Crayon Pack, Costumes, Board Games, Wall Decorations, Treat Bags, Candy Bars, Halloween postcards, and more.  All perfectly scaled for American Girl and other 18 inch dolls! We certainly haven’t had a chance yet to print and make everything that is included.   However,  I thought I would share some of the things my daughters have made so far. The printable candy and treat bags were the reason I bought the pack.  So … Continue reading