Thanksgiving Doll Crafts and a Short Hiatus

I just wanted to post a quick note and say that posting will be sparse here at AG Doll Crafts until after the holidays are over.  My full-time day job is running Blog Giveaway Directory. As part of that, I do advertising for other bloggers’ giveaways.  With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been swamped with work.  So unfortunately that leaves no time to work on fun doll crafts with my daughters I do have a crochet Doll Santa Hat pattern I want to share whenever I get the chance to type it up.  There’s a preview of it above.  After the first of the year, I will be back with tons of more ideas to share.  I have a notebook full! Although I haven’t had any time to come up with any AG doll crafts for Thanksgiving, I do want to share some fun crafts that other creative people … Continue reading

Our Generation Anywhere You Cruise Doll Bicycle


Whenever we are in Target, my daughters and I have to go browse their Our Generation doll selection. While I don’t much care for the dolls themselves, they have the cutest accessories. While I was there over the weekend, I discovered a new addition to their collection – an Our Generation doll bicycle! I immediately had to pick one up for Miss S for Christmas because I figured it was going to be a popular gift this Christmas and would sell out fast. Our Target only had 2 and I bought one of them. Unlike some of the other Our Generation accessories that are all plastic, this doll bicycle is sturdy. The bike frame is metal, and I believe it will stand up to heavy play. I just love the details on this bicycle. From the cute little bell and streamers on the handlebar to the flowery basket, this bike … Continue reading