DIY American Girl Doll Mailbox

Learn how to make an adorable American Girl doll mailbox that you can fill with printable Valentines. Great for American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander, and other 18 inch dolls.

Valentine’s Day is in just a few weeks, so I have been busy making some Valentine-themed Doll crafts for my daughters. Today I want to share with you an adorable American Girl doll mailbox that you can fill with printable Valentines. You can easily find tin mailboxes this time of year at your local discount or dollar store in with their Valentine displays.  Target has the tin mailboxes in their dollar section, but the lids remove completely. I found one with a hinge at my local Michaels for $4.  Regardless of where you find yours, these mailboxes are so easy to convert into a free standing mailbox with a few things from your local craft store!  Sitting on a base, these tin mailboxes are the perfect size for doll play.  Here is how I made ours. Materials: novelty Tin Mailbox  approx. 3 3/4 inches tall x 5 1/4 inches long 4 … Continue reading

American Girl Doll Plastic Canvas Pattern ~ Halloween Candy Bucket

This Halloween Candy Bucket American Girl Doll Plastic Canvas Pattern is quick to work up and will go perfectly with doll Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating.

With Halloween fast approaching, I couldn’t resist making a quick American Girl Doll plastic canvas pattern for my youngest daughter.  I settled on doll-sized Halloween candy bucket.  It worked up really quickly and is so cute.  The free plastic canvas pattern could also be used to make little treat baskets for a Halloween party.  I think they would be cute filled with candy corn. Materials Needed for this American Girl Doll Plastic Canvas Pattern: 1 sheet 7 count plastic canvas plastic canvas needle worsted weight yarn in orange, green, and black scissors a plastic canvas hole counter (optional) needle threader (optional) Halloween Candy Bucket American Girl Doll Plastic Canvas Pattern: Cut 1 of each and stitch according to the graphs. Pumpkin Front 20 holes x 16 holes The green and blue thin lines show where pieces are attached,  so disregard for now. Pumpkin Back 20 holes x 16 holes Pumpkin Side … Continue reading

Stylish and Trendy American Girl Doll Boots

Whether your dolls want to brave the cold weather, or just want to be stylish, there is a huge selection of American Girl Doll Boots to meet your needs.

Whether your dolls want to brave the cold weather, or just want to be stylish, there is a huge selection of American Girl Doll Boots out there to meet your needs. My daughters love their American Girl dolls. They especially love to dress them in styles that they see other kids wearing at school. Their dolls have to keep up with the latest fashions, don’t ya know? Now that colder weather has hit, that means they want some trendy dolly winter footwear to keep their doll’s feet nice and dry. Want to make your own AG Doll boots? If you know your way around a sewing machine, or know how to crochet, there are quite a few patterns where you can make your own American Girl Doll boots. Since these are quite small pieces, they wouldn’t take long at all to whip up. American Girl Doll Riding Boots Crochet PatternClick here … Continue reading

DIY American Girl Ballet Shoes from Rainbow Loom Bands

Make your 18 inch dolls a cute pair of American Girl Ballet Shoes. These are made entirely from pink Rainbow Loom bands. Quick and Easy!

My girls are still totally obsessed with Rainbow Loom crafts.  They have moved on from bracelets and are making lots of 3D crafts, like little dolls and charms.  Did you know that you can even use Rainbow Loom bands to make accessories for your dolls?  Watch the video below to make cute pink American Girl Ballet Shoes for your 18 inch dolls. Supplies needed: 350 Pink Rainbow Loom Bands Size H Crochet Hook DIY American Girl Ballet Shoes from Rainbow Loom Bands If you end up making these American Girl Ballet Shoes, be sure to leave me a comment below to let me know how they turned out.  Happy Crafting!

Make an American Girl Headband – Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

Make a quick and easy American Girl Headband for 18 inch dolls using plastic canvas. This is a great project to work on with your daughter.	American Girl

While I love crafting for my daughters’ American Girl dolls, I also enjoy crafting with my daughters.  At their age though, the crafts have to be fairly simple and completed in one session so they don’t lose interest.   I have been teaching them to sew using plastic canvas so I came up with a simple project that the girls can make by themselves.  Keep reading to see how you can make a quick and easy American Girl doll headband crafted from plastic canvas. These work up super quick.  My daughters finished theirs in about a half an hour so this was perfect for their attention spans. Miss S and Miss A were so proud of themselves for making the doll headbands all on their own. They are already asking what they can make next. These are so easy to make, you can make several to coordinate with different outfits. … Continue reading

Make a New Year Tiara for your Doll

doll new year tiara

The New Year is almost here! It is quick and easy to make a New Year Tiara for your doll from just a few simple craft supplies. After all, your dolls will want to join in on the fun too! This AG doll craft is a great one for kids to make on their own, especially if you use white glue instead of the glue gun. If you opt for using a glue gun, which speeds things up a bit, then there will need to be adult supervision. Materials needed to make a New Year Tiara for your doll 2 – 12 inch Pipe Cleaners (I used white, but it would be even better to match the pipe cleaner to the color of your beads.) Mini Pony Beads in the color(s) of your choice.  (I used yellow for the numbers and orange for the band.) Glue Gun or white glue … Continue reading

Make your AG Doll an Easter Basket

18 inch doll Easter basket

About this time last year, my daughters informed me that their AG dolls needed an Easter basket.  So I set to work designing one from plastic canvas.  Since Easter is fast approaching, I thought I would share it here. The 18 inch doll Easter Basket works up really quick and doesn’t require much plastic canvas or yarn.  It is an easy enough pattern that young girls can make it by themselves with a little guidance.  I have found that plastic canvas projects are wonderful for teaching young girls sewing basics.  This pattern features the Roman stitch, which is just a combination of horizontal and vertical straight stitches. The effect looks a bit like a woven basket. Supplies needed to make your own 18 Inch Doll Easter Basket 1 sheet 7 ct. plastic canvas 3 inch plastic canvas circle Pale pink worsted weight yarn Plastic canvas needle Scissors Small amount of … Continue reading

15 Minute Doll Headband Tutorial

doll headband

I make a lot of clothes for my daughters’ dolls.  If I have enough fabric left over, I like to also make matching hair accessories.  With just a small piece of fabric and 15 minutes, you can have a cute matching American Girl doll headband. First cut a piece of fabric 3″ x 10″.  I like to use a disappearing ink pen to mark the fabric to make sure it is uniform in size. Turn in 1/2 inch on the short edges and press.  Optionally baste to hold in place. Pin right sides together and stitch down long side.  Press seam open. Turn right side out.  (A large safety pin is helpful for this task.) Press with seam running down the middle of the doll headband. Cut a 4″ piece of 1/2″ elastic.  (All I had on hand was 1/4″ elastic and that works too!) Insert elastic into one end … Continue reading