Cute Polymer Clay Fortune Cookies ~ AG Doll Food

By | February 1, 2012

ag doll food

I have plans this Valentine’s Day to bake some fortune cookies for my kids and fill them with slips of paper containing little jokes and witty sayings.  I am even thinking about using a little bit of red food coloring to make them pink!  Which got my mind wandering about making some doll-sized ones.  My medium of choice for AG doll food is polymer clay.  The nice thing about making polymer clay fortune cookies is that they aren’t hot when you are shaping them, unlike real fortune cookies!

polymer clay tools

Materials needed to make polymer clay fortune cookies:

  • a block of tan polymer clay (I got about 25 cookies out of a block of clay but it depends on how thick you roll it.)
  • 1.25 to 1.5 inch circle fondant cookie cutter (Wilton makes a 3 pack – you want the middle size.  It makes perfectly scaled cookies for AG dolls.)
  • chopstick or thin rod to use in molding the cookies
  • fondant roller or pasta machine
  • cutting board and baking sheet

Remember:  Any utensils you use for polymer clay can never be used again for food.  It is a good idea to have a set that you use just for polymer clay.  As always, kids should get their parent’s permission / assistance before making any crafts on this site.

polymer clay

Roll out the clay to about 1/8 inch thick.  (I used setting 4-5 on my pasta machine.)  I would suggest making a sample one before you cut out a lot of circles.  Different brands of clay behave differently.  If you get it too thin, it won’t form right when you go to make the cookie shape and will just collapse.  So play around a bit to get the thickness right.

After you have the thickness right, start cutting out your circles.  Space them close together so you can get as many as possible.  Then gather the scraps and re-roll.

miniature fortune cookies

To form a cookie, fold one of the circles in half.  It will look like a taco.

mini fortune cookies

Pinch the top together, leaving about 1/4 inch on each end open.  You want air in the “taco” so don’t completely flatten it.

ag doll food

Hold the “taco” between your thumb and forefinger.  Using the chopstick or rod, push down in the middle with one hand, while using your thumb and forefinger to simultaneously push up on the edges.  This may take a couple times of practice to get the shape right.

ag doll food

Place your polymer clay fortune cookie on a baking sheet.  Repeat to make as many as you would like. Bake your miniature fortune cookies according to package directions.

It may be in small print, but somewhere on the package it will tell you the temperature and baking time.  It is generally 275 degrees for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness.  Be sure not to exceed that temp or your house will fill with some nasty chemical fumes.  Ask me how I know that!

ag doll food

Allow your polymer clay fortune cookies fortune cookies to cool then enjoy your new AG doll food!

ag doll food

6 thoughts on “Cute Polymer Clay Fortune Cookies ~ AG Doll Food

  1. Geraldo Ratana

    For those who like the idea of sculpting but have difficulty working with real clay, polymer clay can bring real joy. Polymer clay is not actually earthen clay. It’s made from PVC and is only called clay because of its texture-similar to modeling clay.

  2. Beth

    I loved this tutorial, will you be doing more polymer clay stuff? I’d really like to know how to make a convincing meal.

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks for visiting Beth! I hope to post more tutorials for polymer clay AG doll foods as I get a chance. I just bought materials to make polymer clay caramel apples and should have that up soon. Plus I want to do one for Halloween candy.


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