Halloween Lollipops – AG Doll Food Tutorial

AG Doll Lollipops

At the request of my daughters, I have been busy making Halloween themed AG Doll food. They want to have a Halloween party for their dolls :) I started with some American Girl sized lollipops in Halloween colors. They certainly aren’t perfect, but we had a lot of fun making them!

Materials needed to make the AG Doll Halloween Lollipops

As always, kids be sure to get your parent’s permission before making this craft. It involves use of the oven and a knife.

AG Doll Lollipops

Start with a nickel-sized ball of white and roll it into a log about 1/2 inch thick. Using about half the amount that you did for the white, roll 1/8 inch ropes of yellow, orange, and black. You don’t have to measure it, you can just eyeball it.  I use a cheap silicone baking mat to roll my clay.  It works great!

AG Doll Lollipops

Cut the colored ropes so they are the same length as the white clay.

AG Doll Lollipops

Alternating the colors and spacing them as evenly as you can, stick the colored ropes to the log of white clay. Press in lightly so it all sticks.

AG Doll Lollipops

Start rolling the log back and forth. You may need to cut the rope in half at some point. I couldn’t get it to be all twisty and evenly patterned, but that is ok. As I learned later, you can do that as you are rolling the rope into the lollipop.

AG Doll Lollipops

Start at on end of the rope and coil it to form the lollipop shape. My first attempt did not turn out exactly as I wanted it pattern-wise, but it was still cute.

AG Doll Lollipops

You want your finished lollipop to be between 1.5 and 2 inches in size. When it gets to that size, use a knife to slice off any extra rope and press the end into the lollipop to secure. Cut a wooden BBQ skewer off at about 3 inches and insert the pointy end into the lollipop. Go slowly so you don’t poke through the backside. Put your lollipop on a baking sheet that you only use for polymer clay. I get my baking pans that I use for polymer clay from the dollar store.  Remember, any utensils or baking sheets that you use for polymer clay can not ever again be used with food.

AG Doll Lollipops

For my second attempt, I discovered that if you twist the rope slightly as you are coiling it, you will get that familiar lollipop look.

AG Doll Lollipops

Bake your polymer clay lollipops according to package directions. Generally it is 275 degrees and 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch of thickness of your clay.

AG Doll Lollipops

After your doll lollipops have baked and been allowed to cool, it is time to make them shiny. Clear nail polish works great for small projects like AG Doll food! Allow to dry completely. I used a blow dryer to make the process faster.

AG Doll Lollipops

So there you have it – some fun Halloween treats for your AG dolls!

So tell me… What AG doll foods have you been making from polymer clay lately?  Have you made anything special for Halloween?  Be sure to leave a comment below.  We would love to hear from you!

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5 Responses to Halloween Lollipops – AG Doll Food Tutorial

  1. Judy says:

    Another AWESOME tutorial!! Thank you for the inspiration. I set aside time every week to make a craft with my grandchild. I wouldn’t have enough ideas if it weren’t for your inspiration!! ~ Judy (lifesabeach32940@cfl.rr.com)

  2. Ellie says:


  3. Margaret says:

    Fun tutorials!
    But use sculpey varnish as nail polish will eventually turn all the clay lollipops very sticky!

    • Jen says:

      Thanks for the idea Margaret. We have used nail polish as varnish many different times and it never turned sticky. Maybe it is an issue in areas of higher humidity though.

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