Make a Doll Clothes Armoire

By | January 2, 2013

Make a Doll Clothes Armoire

Do you need a way to organize your doll clothes and accessories? This project to make a doll clothes armoire might be just what you need to keep everything neat and tidy.

Most of what I make is for my daughters, but I do have a couple of AG dolls myself. So I have long wanted to make a doll clothes armoire to store clothes I have made and bought for myself. Since it is for storage only, I don’t mind if it is the correct scale for dolls.  My main concern is plenty of storage space.  (If you are looking for an armoire that is the right scale for doll play, I highly recommend the Victorian Wardrobe Armoire from The Queen’s Treasures.)

Make a Doll Clothes Armoire

make a doll clothes armoire1

I started with a ClosetMaid 2 Door Stackable Organizer in white. With a few modifications, it makes a great place to store doll clothes and accessories that aren’t being used. The only other thing you need is a tension rod. We used a dowel rod and a drill as my husband likes to play with his tools! I recommend the tension rod though as it is way easier and there are no power tools involved that way.

Assemble the organizer according to directions. You will only use one of the shelves. Set the brackets up at the top holes and insert one of the shelves. Then place the tension rod a few inches below. You are all ready to hang your doll clothes and get organized!  I love that the cabinet has magnets at the top to keep the doors closed.

make a doll clothes armoire

To make the clothes rod a little more stable, we used a 1/2 inch dowel rod and a drill with a Forstner bit.  This allows you to drill a recessed hole in the armoire walls.

make a doll clothes armoire

We then inserted the dowel rod and finished the assembly.  If you go this route, you will want to drill 2 inches down from the shelf and exactly in the middle.  Be sure to measure accurately so the rod is level. When you are finished, the rod won’t be able to be removed, but you won’t have to worry about the weight of the clothes pulling it down either.

make a doll clothes armoire

Need hangers to go in your doll clothes armoire? Be sure to check out my tutorial for how to make doll clothes hangers from plastic canvas.

If you make a doll clothes armoire, I would love to see pictures. So tell me… How do you keep your doll clothes and accessories organized?

9 thoughts on “Make a Doll Clothes Armoire

  1. Anna

    We use a plastic drawer tower. It has different size drawers that work well for the accessories. The clothing drawers are getting a little crowed though and I’m not sure what we’ll expand to. It’s been on my mind though! It was fun to hear your solution. It looks roomy and will keep your clothes in good condition-another problem with everything going in a drawer!

  2. Sarah

    I am 12 years old and have 18 dolls. As I’m sure you’ve already figured, I have clothes, accesories and shoes galore! For now, I use cloth bins slid into compartments meant for them. But, my grandmother(who loves finding AG stuff for me!)found what we think was maybe a bathroom vanity. It’s about 3 feet tall and has 3 sections. The top section is the tallest so we will be installing a dowel rod for dresses and maybe a few fancy dresses,then fold jeans and shorts to put on the shelf. Then, on the middle row we will put accesories and things. On the bottom will be shoes! Today we went to Micheal’s and found ribbon,stickers,little baskets,earaser perfumes,lip gloss cupcakes and more for it. When we get back home(we’re visiting for the hollidays)my dad and I are going to sand down the outside then repaint it white,as it badly needs it. Then iI’m going to decorate it!(: Quite a project!(;

    1. Jen Post author

      I bet that will work out wonderfully for holding all your doll clothes and accessories Sarah! Sounds like a great find. I bet you will have so much fun decorating it.

      You have quite the doll collection! Between my daughters and I, we are up to 10.

  3. Mary Schreiber

    I made a closet from a milk crate. The Waffle crate work the best. Just glue a dowel through the crate. Leave about two inches sticking out either side. I glued a wooden bead to cover the ends. I uuse the outside hooks to hold purses and hats. I made other hooks out of pipe cleaners. One to hold jewlery and bathrobe. You can make a door out of plastic canvas. I also bought a mirror from AC Moore and glued it on outside front. I decorated the top with silk flowers. It’s a little short for long dresses. So I made another one from a retangular crate for the long dresses. You can glue a few pieces of elastic on outside to use as a shoe rack. I also store shoes on top of the smaller crate. This is in a play area of my dining room for my grandchildren.

  4. Cindi

    Great Idea! I went and got one for my dolls. Hubby used a dowel with pvc end caps screwed in so it is removable if needed. Between me and my daughters we have 8 dolls. Since I sew we have WAY to many outfits lol. So I will get another one and stack them. The daughters will just have to get their own lol..

    I went with the dark though. I really don’t like white. But I may paint it anyway.

  5. Cindi

    Thank you for the tutorial. I showed it to my hubby. I wanted something I could keep in the living room and look like furniture.

    This way I can have a few things downstairs for the granddaughters to play with and the rest upstairs.

    Of course I sew too much for it to hold it all but it is handy to have.

  6. BethG

    Just found this post. I made something similar out if a bathroom cabinet/medicine chest. Its a pretty good scale and has a mirrored front. My daughter loves it and it cost a fraction of the price a dolls wardrobe would.

  7. Holly B.

    Awesome project! So easy, simple, and looks great! Thanks for posting. Now, I have a new drill bit, too!


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