AG Doll Socks Tutorial

We never seem to have enough doll socks in our house (or shoes for that matter, but that’s a different post!)  I have seen several posts floating around about making your own doll socks from adult socks you buy at the dollar store.  So I decided to make my own, using this YouTube video as inspiration.  It provided… Read More »

15 Minute Doll Headband Tutorial

I make a lot of clothes for my daughters’ dolls.  If I have enough fabric left over, I like to also make matching hair accessories.  With just a small piece of fabric and 15 minutes, you can have a cute matching American Girl doll headband. First cut a piece of fabric 3″ x 10″.  I like to use… Read More »

About AG Doll Crafts

My two youngest daughters are avid American Girl Doll fans and I love making clothes and crafts for their dolls.  So far my daughters’ American Girl Dolls are Rebecca, Kaya, Samantha, and Kit.  Last summer, I acquired Julie so I didn’t have to keep sneaking a doll out of daughters’ room while they were asleep to try on… Read More »