Cute Polymer Clay Fortune Cookies ~ AG Doll Food

miniature fortune cookies

I have plans this Valentine’s Day to bake some fortune cookies for my kids and fill them with slips of paper containing little jokes and witty sayings.  I am even thinking about using a little bit of red food coloring to make them pink!  Which got my mind wandering about making some doll-sized ones.  My medium of choice for AG doll food is polymer clay.  The nice thing about making polymer clay fortune cookies is that they aren’t hot when you are shaping them, unlike real fortune cookies! Materials needed to make polymer clay fortune cookies: a block of tan polymer clay (I got about 25 cookies out of a block of clay but it depends on how thick you roll it.) 1.25 to 1.5 inch circle fondant cookie cutter (Wilton makes a 3 pack – you want the middle size.  It makes perfectly scaled cookies for AG dolls.) chopstick … Continue reading

Free AG Doll Printables – Make a 1:3 Scale Bag of Hershey Kisses

American Girl doll printable

Yesterday I shared how I made a whole bunch of cute miniature Hershey Kisses from polymer clay.  So now I want to share an AG Doll printable (1:3 scale) and instructions to make a Hershey Kiss wrapper.  I made one up for each of my daughters and can’t wait to surprise them on Valentine’s Day.  They are the perfect size for American Girl Dolls.  As with all of the crafts on this site, kids should be sure to get their parent’s permission before proceeding. You will first need to print the wrappers.  The image includes 4 wrappers and will fit on an 8.5×11 inch page.  I printed mine on photo paper to give it a glossy feel and make it look more like a real Hershey Kiss bag.  Be sure to print the image at the full size and in color.  It is helpful to use the print preview function … Continue reading