Thanksgiving Doll Crafts and a Short Hiatus

By | November 15, 2012

I just wanted to post a quick note and say that posting will be sparse here at AG Doll Crafts until after the holidays are over.  My full-time day job is running Blog Giveaway Directory. As part of that, I do advertising for other bloggers’ giveaways.  With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been swamped with work.  So unfortunately that leaves no time to work on fun doll crafts with my daughters 🙁

I do have a crochet Doll Santa Hat pattern I want to share whenever I get the chance to type it up.  There’s a preview of it above.  After the first of the year, I will be back with tons of more ideas to share.  I have a notebook full!

Although I haven’t had any time to come up with any AG doll crafts for Thanksgiving, I do want to share some fun crafts that other creative people have posted around the internet.

AG Doll Thanksgiving Crafts

  • If you love to crochet, Darski over at Crochetville shared a free pattern for an adorable crochet doll Pilgrim Dress.
  • If sewing is more your thing, Doll Clothing Patterns has free patterns posted to make a simple Pilgrim outfit.  (Pilgrim apron, Pilgrim Collar, Pilgrim Bonnet to be worn over a simple black dress)
  • Want to create a special Thanksgiving meal for your dolls?  Brandy has shared tips for creating a Thanksgiving table for dolls over at Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog.
  • The talented Karen of the above mentioned blog has shared a great post over at Doll Diaries for how to make a cute Turkey tiara for your dolls.
  • Want to make a turkey for your Thanksgiving doll table?  Made: Pieces For Reese  has a great tutorial on how to make a turkey from polymer clay.  I love how lifelike it is!

Happy Crafting!  If I don’t get around to posting before the first of the year, I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Doll Crafts and a Short Hiatus

    1. Jen Post author

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday too! And thanks for mentioning my canning plate idea on your blog. I am heading over to check it out now. Happy Thanksgiving!


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